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Our team of Automotive experts focus solely on your industry and advertising trends within them, so that you can be rest assured, we’re serving up the right solutions for you to stand out amongst competition. We understand the complexities that restaurant brands face, and we’re here to help you secure  more happy consumers with full bellies and an appetite for your brand.

We have Automotive specific solutions

Lifestyle Preference

Consumers choose one automotive brand over another because of how it makes them feel about themselves.  Our Lifestyle Preference solution reaches households who prefer a particular lifestyle and deepens the connection through combining your lifestyle TV ad with frequency, interactivity and relevancy.

Model Launch

Your latest models are critical in driving awareness and excitement for your brand, so impactful marketing around your model launches is a must. Our Model Launch solution allows for consumers to interact with your TV ad and learn more about model features and benefits. Through  frequency, interactivity and relevancy, we deepen the connection with all members of each household to tip outcomes in your favor.

Tier Two

Meet shoppers during the most important stages in their buying journey through TV/Video ads that increase top-of-mind awareness of your dealerships via frequency, interactivity and relevance. The Tier Two solution can include dealer maps, local offers, and dealer inventory to tip outcomes in your favor and ultimately drive automotive purchases.

Sales Events

Sales Events are a critical time for dealers to drive traffic onto their lots and their digital platforms. Localizing your sales event messaging with our dealer video solution ensures that shoppers are aware of your latest inventory and offers, as well as where to find your dealership via dynamic location maps.

Our Customers

Case Studies


VDX content integration with Motor Trend delivers high engagement and increased vehicle awareness for Mazda.


BMW increased awareness and traffic for new model launch through full blend with OTT.


Increasing awareness for "My Renting" initiative with high impact VDX units across desktop, mobile and CTV


Campaign for sales event leveraged video to capture attention and showcase different vehicle models.


Toyota runs video-driven experiences to promote new model launch.


Lexus South Africa raises awareness around hybrid vehicle Spekboom Initiative with innovative video formats.
“As one of our preferred digital media partners, delivers on key attributes for a successful partnership. Starting with excellent service from the team, product innovation and unique creative platforms which our clients love, with the non-negotiable 3rd party tracking to ensure we achieve real results for our clients and their brands. It’s a pleasure partnering with”
Owen Williams
Co-Owner and Director, Intimedia, South Africa
The team consistently provides superb service at the highest level from campaign performance down to communication & responsiveness. The team is always willing to dig in at the most granular level to make the best recommendations & perform at the top of the pack. They are my favorite team to work with!

Our team

We value industry specific advertising solutions so much that we’ve built our workforce around them. At, you’ll work with a team of experts in your industry who employ relevant and unique vertical solutions to drive connectivity.

Diane Johnson

Sales Executive

Noel Delahaye

Sales Executive

James Johnson

Vertical Lead

Alexa Bernard

Account Manager

Ankit Khalotra

Campaign Manager
Campaign Management

Chris Kremer

Creative Strategy Manager

Colby Yash

Supply Strategy Manager

Jenna Goode

Account Manager

Megha Oberai

Campaign Manager

Nick Little

Performance Strategy Manager

Paul Kim

Solutions Marketing

Steven Wong

Account Manager

Suhani Khandelwal

Account Manager

Sunny Goel

Campaign Manager

Uday Singh

Campaign Manager

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