TV Magnify

Reach households on the TV and subsequently magnify the same TV ad on their personal device screens.
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Magic of TV: Magnified

Serve the same video ad on the TV to all members of a household's personal digital screens to tip outcomes in your favor.

Reach relevant households

Magnify your TV ads to households that are your brand's most relevant prospects.

Reach all household members

Magnify your TV Ads to the whole household. Influence all members of the household to influence outcomes and tip mindshare in your brand's favor.


Dynamically customize at scale your video ad and the associated digital mobile/display creatives to provide more relevant and engaging messaging.


Interactive & engaging


Allow consumers to directly interact with TV ads via a QR code that brings the same TV ad alive on their personal smart phone.


Lean-forward interaction (> 1% engagement rate) that helps build deeper connections with your brand.

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Designed for impact

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TV Magnify billable model

CPV Billable model that accounts for the CTV impression and multiple video display/mobile impressions that are served subsequently (as soon after the CTV ad serves, and within the same day).


Optimized for brand impact


Optimized to the households that are your brand’s most likely prospects.

Premium environmens

Automatically optimized toward premium TV content and display/mobile environments.


Automatically optimized toward the viewable environments and larger, more impactful ad sizes.

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We don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty much experts at connecting the dots. Dots that result magical, magnified TV ad experiences that connect viewers to your brand.

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