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Our team of Travel experts focus solely on your industry and advertising trends within them, so that you can be rest assured, we’re serving up the right solutions for you to stand out amongst competition. We understand the complexities that restaurant brands face, and we’re here to help you secure  more happy consumers with full bellies and an appetite for your brand.

We have Travel specific solutions


Choosing to visit a particular destination is often a household decision. Our Destination solution reaches prospective households that are likely to consider visiting your destination. The TV/Video experience can include videos, photos, and activities that entice people to visit. Through video combined with frequency, interactivity, and relevancy, we can increase the chance that they choose to visit their next trip.


Different Hotel brands appeal to consumers with different lifestyle preferences. Our Hotel Lifestyle Preference solution reaches consumers who are most likely to prefer a particular brand lifestyle. The TV/video and associated photo gallery and amenities deepens this connection. We also have additional solutions to help with rewards, loyalty, destinations, and bookings.


Consumers who choose to vacation on a cruise will often plan different cruise vacation experiences year after year. Our Cruise solutions allow for showcasing your brand's experiences and reaching all members of the household to tip outcomes in your favor. We also can increase frequency to households likely to try a cruise to expand the pool of household that prefer cruise vacations.


Increase awareness and consideration of your brand's routes by highlighting flights from a consumer's home airport. Our Flight solutions allow for showcasing frequent flyer benefits and core values of your brand. Drive consumers to search and book directly on your brand's website. Through combining TV/video with frequency, interactivity, and relevancy, increase the chance of the household choosing your airline for business or personal travel.

Our Customers

Case Studies drives significant visitation lift for tourism campaign

A U.S. city’s tourism board sought to increase tourism from out-of-state visitors and understand media impact on visitation.

South African Tourism

South African Tourism utilizes video-driven experiences to stay connected with community and remains top of mind for tourists during COVID-19 pandemic.

Switzerland Tourism

The combination of digital & CTV video experiences helps Switzerland Tourism reach new audiences.
“As one of our preferred digital media partners, delivers on key attributes for a successful partnership. Starting with excellent service from the team, product innovation and unique creative platforms which our clients love, with the non-negotiable 3rd party tracking to ensure we achieve real results for our clients and their brands. It’s a pleasure partnering with”
Owen Williams
Co-Owner and Director, Intimedia, South Africa
The team consistently provides superb service at the highest level from campaign performance down to communication & responsiveness. The team is always willing to dig in at the most granular level to make the best recommendations & perform at the top of the pack. They are my favorite team to work with!

Our team

We value industry specific advertising solutions so much that we’ve built our workforce around them. At, you’ll work with a team of experts in your industry who employ relevant and unique vertical solutions to drive connectivity.

Mary Fratto

Sales Executive

Whitney Burbank

Vertical Lead

Isabella Cammarata

Creative Strategy Manager

Ishan Mittal

Campaign Manager

Jenna Goode

Account Manager

Kate Dilanjyan

Account Manager


Supply Strategy Manager

Rachel Scibilia

Solutions Marketing


Supply Strategy Manager

Shivam Agarwal

Campaign Manager

Somya Vats

Account Manager

Suhani Khandelwal

Account Manager

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